Saturday, September 10, 2011

New supplies

There has been lots of crochet going on recently here at Tea Towers - and there are also piles of lovely yarn scattered about that has been bought with what was left of my Birthday money. However, due to needing to be a little secretive about a new project I'm working on I can't show you too much of what I'm making, hopefully I'll be in a position to do so soon.

This little stash of yarn (as well as a small supply of the lovely hand dyed buttons available through paper-and-string) is all part of my secret project - must get to work on that right now as the yarn is all so temptingly soft...
I'm also trying to get a last minute Birthday present made up for one of my lovely nieces who is due to turn one in a couple of weeks. I'm having a few issues with gauge on this project, but hopefully will end up with something wearable in time if I crochet nonstop until it is done.

The pattern is from the very lovely "Natural Crochet" book by Tina Barrett and is for the lovely looking 'swing coat' which looks simple and snuggly. Once I'm finished with this project I'll be able to do my next book review for you all - but until then let me just say that the patterns in here are all very adorable and hopefully I'll be able to find the time to make loads more from here.

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Witchy Lizard said...

Wow that wool supply should last you a little while :-) Can't wait to see what you're going to make next-it's bound to be fabulous!xx