Sunday, February 26, 2012

February's decoration: Crochet baubles

I've had these very cute crochet baubles on my Ravelry queue to try making for ages so when it came time to choose my decoration for February I thought I would give these a go.

The bauble pattern is by the very talented crocheter Lucy of Attic24 - a beautiful blog filled with colour and crochet. She has written it as a photo tutorial and it is so easy to follow that I think even a complete beginner could do these.

Because they were so quick to make up I managed to finish 15 decorations this month, so I'm well on target for having a nice stash of decorations to give as gifts next Christmas.


MummyCat said...

I love your colour combinations! It does make Christmas easier starting sooo early!

Hannah said...

What fun! I can't bring myself to really plan for Christmas just yet, but I'm definitely filing this pattern away for later months... Love the idea!

Witchy Lizard said...

Those are so beautiful! I really love the colours :-) xx