Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mmmm - magazines

This little lady was made using a kit from last month's "Mollie Makes" magazine. Mollie Makes is causing quite a crafting stir here in the UK, and for good reason - it's a simply beautiful magazine with a wonderful mix of enchanting photographs, lovely projects and interesting articles. Each month it comes with a little something to make or use in a project so if I'm organised I'll be able to share my little projects with you here.

I'm also subscribing to "Handmade Living" magazine this year and so far I'm really enjoying their mix of craft projects, recipes & interesting articles about UK locations. So far I've tried a few of their recipes with mixed success and I've picked out a good few projects that I want to have a try at.

So "Mollie Makes" & "Handmade Living" are what I've got coming through the mail box this year (anyone else out there subscribing to these?) because of this I've had to drop my subscription to "Inside Crochet" which has been pretty painless. "Inside Crochet has been getting increasingly repetitive with the patterns it publishes (every issue now seems to have some sort of beret, some sort of wrap, some sort of scarf and an ugly toy), the articles have been getting less interesting and I may be mistaken but I think the paper & print quality have also gone down hill.

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MummyCat said...

That is lovely! You know I agree about "Inside Crochet". I must get "Mollie Makes" as my long due treat...