Sunday, March 11, 2012

Crafty weekend

We've had a lovely weekend here at Tea Towers, baby Emily & I spent Saturday morning having a go at making a pretty flower corsage at the wonderful Traders Outlet store in Sale. One of the new friends that we've made since moving up north (JanJan) has turned out to be a very crafty lady indeed - she has her own range of beautiful handcrafted cushions that she sells along with a number of other lovely handcrafted bits.

If you are at all local to Sale then it is well worth checking out the Traders Outlet store. There are so many beautiful hand crafted items to buy that I can guarantee you won't go away empty handed. JanJan & Jane Moran are going to start running a regular Saturday afternoon (1pm - 4.30pm, £20 per class including tea, coffee & a baked treat!) craft session with the first session being on 17th March making needle books & corsages.

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MummyCat said...

Such a pretty baby! I can't wait to meet her xx