Thursday, May 31, 2012

Busy butterfly

Life here has been incredibly hectic over the past month which is why I've not managed to do any of my regular craft posts or do my monthly new craft/new decoration.

My new business focused blog Pretty Crochet Things is doing really well with a new group of followers who came round because of my recent giveaway. I've also been busy showing my new bootie range off to friends and local mums so hopefully I'll start making a few sales soon :-)

I'm also working on getting a few new items designed for my shop, and because I love butterflies so much I'm thinking about doing some butterfly hairslides and some pretty butterfly garlands (like this quick prototype garland). Have you got any suggestions for crochet items that you would like to see me sell? At the moment I'm focusing on small items like baby bits & accessories and any ideas I get now may well become finished items stocked in my Etsy shop.

This garland was made for my recent Butterfly Tea Party - an event that I've been planning for well over a month. The party involved having a good few friends round to my home yesterday and provided them with tea & plenty of cake as well as selling my selection of Phoenix cards to them - all in the aid of the wonderful charity 'Together for short lives'.

There were butterflies everywhere, I punched a load of paper butterflies to decorate the cake table, I made butterfly cakes & butterfly shortbread, there was a butterfly hunt set up in the garden & butterfly outlines for the kids to colour in and have laminated as placemats. People even came with butterfly clothes on and those who didn't I made sure went away with a butterfly sticker!

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