Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Finally open for business!

It has been almost a year since I decided to try and sell a few of my crochet items and today I've finally managed to do it.

My little Etsy shop is stocked up with a range of my booties in different yarns and colours - 12 different bootie types in all. Some of these have flower embellishments, and a few of those embellishments are optional for no added cost.

These first 12 booties are hopefully the first of many - I'll see how these sell and depending on what feedback I receive I'll tailor my range to suit my customers.

I'm really pleased with the small stock I have added to my store today - they are all made with love and care and I'm proud of each and every bootie :-)

If you want to keep up with all my new shop news then take a look at my crochet business blog - Pretty Crochet Things, I'll be posting up photos of any new items I add to my shop as well as filling you in with how it is all going.


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Hi Jess - hope all's good with you guys - these are so cute!

Witchy Lizard said...

They're beautiful darling! I'll be recommending your shop to all the mums I know :-) xx

Unknown said...

Your crochet baby booties are soooo cute! I can see that each and every one of them are made with great love and care :D Good luck with your Etsy business and keep up the wonderful work!

Love from California, Amy