Monday, August 6, 2012

Fresh all year long

Crochet roses are becoming increasingly appealing to me. My own attempts at keeping houseplants going is usually a fight between over watering them and forgetting them completely until they are past saving... I have a new lily that I am worried about - it seems to be starting to die back and I think it too is going also end up in the green garden waste bin in the sky.

These crochet roses are super simple to make and are also slightly addictive. I started out trying to make a handful as a present for a grandma in hospital and I ended up with far more than I originally intended as I couldn't stop myself making 'just one' more to add to the bunch. The pattern is another freebie from the wonderful PlanetJune website ( June has even used this pattern to teach crochet to beginners so it is very simple - but gives such lovely results!

I've also crocheted up another quick pair of crochet rose hairslides - this time in a more traditional rose red colour. I love how old fashioned and delicate these turn out and if I was 20 years younger I would definitely be sporting a pair myself.

Now if I had more time for 'self' crochet then I would start making some crochet roses to decorate Tea Towers with - every time I visit the talented 'Mrs Twins' blog I admire her lovely birdcages decorated with crochet roses - so very pretty.

Do you have any favourite crochet flower patterns? If you do then please share - just because the weather is gloomy outside doesn't mean that we can't bring a bit of Summer into our homes!

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