Sunday, August 19, 2012

Party preparations

My little boy is not going to be little for much longer - in only a couple of months he will be a staggering 4 years old. Because we've kept his past Birthdays pretty low key so far we really wanted to hold a bit more of a party for him this year and invite some of the friends he has made in our new Northern home.

We've been lucky enough to be invited to quite a few toddler Birthday parties so I've got plenty of ideas for how I want to organise it including what sort of games to play (though based on my toddler party experience it may be tricky to get all the little ones joining in - any tips?).

I've also been thinking pretty hard about the party bags - I want to give everyone some lovely things but I don't want to spend a fortune... so I'm going to try and craft my way through most of the contents in the hopes of keeping costs down.

So I've got two months to try and craft the contents of about 17 toddler & baby party bags, to help me in my quest I found a really great post on the Crafty Crow blog which links to a great range of tutorials for making party gifts (party favour post). There are tons of ideas to explore but to start with I wanted to try and make some felt pencil toppers starting with these super cute felt cars from One Crafty Mumma.

Aren't these little cars adorable - I especially love their little button wheels :-)

Right I'm now off to start cutting out a stack of ice cream felt shapes for the next lot of pencil toppers...

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MummyCat said...

Ahh the crafty birthday party bags! We also enjoyed icing and decorating biscuits by drizzling on coloured icing with a teaspoon and decorating with sweeties and then popping them in the bags wrapped in a napkin when set. Decorating their own party hats also goes down well and adds to their takeaway goodies!