Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back in the crochet mood

Thankfully my craft block seems to be clearing and to help get back into the swing gently I decided that crochet was what my hands were wanting to do.

I really love making baby bits, they are so quick and satisfying, just a couple of hours of work and you end up with a gift ready to send to a mum who usually is just as excited about it as you are. The hat shown here is from another "Happy Hooker" pattern, this time part of the Sejia set by Bev Ireland. I had to add an extra increase row in this hat though as my hook size was too small (I really must get round to buying a size 4mm hook one day...) and thus the hat would have turned out tiny. I also just worked the hat in two shades of purple as that's what I had to hand, and I'm glad I did too as it matches the little two tone booties that I also made.

The booties are from "Crochet gifts in a weekend" by Nola Thesis and though I've made up the basic bootie a number of times this is the first time that I've had a go at making the ballet style version. Orinoco the octopus also loves the hat and booties and wanted me to show here how good he looks in them. Sadly I haven't got the energy to make another 6 booties for Orinoco so his other feet have had to go cold.

As well as doing crochet I've also been folding these pretty little stars from some cheap Ikea gift ribbon that I picked up last week. They are fiddly and time consuming but strangely addictive.

These stars are called Frobel stars and I first came across them years ago in an old girls activity book that my mum owns. You are supposed to make them from strips of paper and depending on what thickness you make the strips you end up with a large star or a tiny one. These are smaller than a British 10p piece and now I've made them all I'm not too sure what to do with them... too small really to use on the top of presents. Any suggestions?


Argery Araya C. said...

Jess he visitado tu pagina esta muy bonita , la felicito, me encantaria saber como haces estos trabajos ,un abrazo a la distancia y que Dios te bendiga amiga

Hannah said...

Ah, too cute, I love your hat model! And of course, the hat itself is just lovely- nicely done. :)

Howie Woo said...

Your Frobel stars are cool, thanks for the link! I can imagine your stars inside a very shallow glass box—if there is such a thing—that can then act as a writing surface? Or they're lovely as-is, scattered about! :)

Jessica said...

I've just babblefished Argery Araya's comment and as it seems to be friendly I thought I would publish it. Babblefish came up with:

"Jess I have visited your page this very pretty congratulate, it, encantaria to know since to beams these works to me, a hug to the distance and god bless you friend"