Thursday, July 22, 2010

Experimenting with felt

What do you do when your dad is going to be celebrating his 60th Birthday but absolutely refuses to say what he would like you to get him? My dad would not hear of anyone making a fuss for his big day so I was forced to try and think a little bit more creatively and as I always do when I'm stuck for present ideas I turn to my craft stash.

Because I'm out of white, brown and yellow yarn (how this has happened without my noticing I'm not too sure, perhaps we have a yarn elf stealing it?) I moved out of my crochet comfort zone and turned to the next best 3D craft medium - felt.

What the heck is this strange looking little hut? Well it was supposed to be a small Celtic round house based loosely on the buildings constructed at Butser Ancient Farm (check the photo below) although somehow while I wasn't looking it became too tall and thin. I made the main section separately from the roof, added the door detail to it, stuffed it with rice and fiberfill and then had a devil of a time trying to get the roof to sit straight on the top while I sewed it on.

My dad (who is one of the volunteer workers at the farm and has even helped to thatch a few of the buildings there) loved it, so hooray for craft saving the day again!

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"Never Knew" said...

That is so cute! So great when home-made can save the day, isn't it?

Caz from Never Knew