Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March's decoration: Gingerbread house

This tasty looking gingerbread house makes me smile so much. It will have to stay as mine, all mine as I can't bear to give it away.

Very simple to make, a little fiddly to cut out the circular sweeties for the roof, but everything else was easy to do. Annoyingly though I only had enough of the gingery coloured felt to make one decoration so unless I get some more felt supplies in this will be the only one I make.

This is yet another of the decorations from "Fa la la felt", this book is fast becoming my favourite craft book yet!


MummyCat said...

It IS seriously gorgeous! Best felty book so far I think.

Witchy Lizard said...

You both love that book so much and from all the beautiful things you make from it, I can see why! You'll have to show me it next time I see you :-) xx