Friday, May 4, 2012

What a lucky girl I am!

We have no doorbell at the moment (we've just had new carpets fitted and the lovely men who fitted it seem to have wandered off with the doorbell plug socket thingie) so when the postman came round yesterday with a surprise package we very almost missed it. Luck was with us as we happened to notice the van outside and Rich dashed down just in time.

This very beautiful blanket was in the parcel (as well as a train cake silicone mold which I can't wait to try out) and it came as a complete surprise. My lovely sister Liz seems to have been very busy crocheting this up for our home and it is simply stunning! She has such a good eye for unusual colour combinations - some really striking squares with all sorts of colours that I would never have thought to put together but they work so well. Liz is also proud of the fact that she is learning to do different squares, there are a whole range of different motifs to be found in this blanket and all of them are worked so beautifully.

This blanket is now living in our sitting room so that it will always be on hand to snuggle up in, luckily it's big enough that all the family should fit under it as otherwise I'm sure there would be arguments about who gets to have it! Thank you ever so much Liz - this blanket means so much to me and I am so in awe of your fantastic workmanship :-)


Kamerei said...

How beautiful is that blanket? You're sister is very talented :) I've been glaring sideways at a crochet book I've got for a while now thinking I'd really like to learn how to do the granny square!

Witchy Lizard said...

Aww thanks sis! I'm really glad you like it-and it makes me a grin a great big grin to think of you all snuggled up in it :-)