Sunday, January 9, 2011

Finishing off

Seeing as we are only just starting the beginning of 2011 I feel like I should be finishing up some of the unfinished projects that I've got on the go at the moment. There seem to be quite a few of them though - and I've so many lovely new projects that I want to get started on that it is very hard to concentrate.

I've still not finished my patchwork that I started all the way back in September, though I have progressed it a little and now it looks like the photo on the left. Hopefully I'll get it done soon - any guesses as to what it is going to be?

Then I've got a pile of craft books (the top three in fact were presents for my Birthday back in July!) which need reading through, crafting from and then doing reviews for.

I'm especially excited about the "Gifts from the Kitchen" book which is full of lovely tasty things that you can make and send as gifts. I love the idea of giving out baked treats as presents so hopefully I'll be organised enough to make a few things for some of my friends this year.

So far all I have on my finished list for 2011 are the two hyperbolic crochet pieces that I started back in October. I will soon be sending them off to the new exhibition of the UK reef in Salisbury  - a little bit too late for the opening but they'll still be added thankfully.

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