Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday magazine reviews

Just thought I would put up a couple of magazine reviews this Friday as I've been getting a bit behind with doing them and they aren't much use if you get them 3 or 4 months late!

"Inside Crochet" issue 13
January 2011
UK crochet terms

This issue of Inside Crochet starts the New Year on the right foot with a good collection of patterns including the beautiful 'Esmee cardigan' by Sarah Francis which I am definitely making for myself one day. There are also patterns for some cute kids stripy jumpers, a very pretty 'Lily shawl' and a lovely 'Henna rug' which would look so pretty on our wooden floor.

As well as having plenty of good patterns this month there are also some great articles covering topics like customising your clothes, doing freeform crochet (which has intrigued me for a while and I may well have a try myself soon...), and some interviews with a couple of London based ethical craft shops which look fantastic (Fabrications and  Prick your finger).

"Inside Crochet" issue 14
February 2011
UK crochet terms

I really enjoyed reading through this issue of Inside Crochet too. There are some lovely patterns in here with my favourite being the 'Bloom blanket' by Rebecca Velasquez which looks so very bright and cheerful that it would be perfect for bringing Spring into your home nice and early. I also really like the 'Valentine settings' place mats, the pretty bobbily 'Artichoke hat' and the cosy looking 'Cherry wrap', so lots to keep you busy this month.

The articles also make a good read with a feature about filet crochet, some impressive fashion crochet pieces and a fantastic interview with Emma Lamb who makes some very beautiful crochet banners, cushions and pot holders that are bursting with colour.

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Mrs Twins said...

Yes I've got the magazine Jess. Do you know - I think now it is monthly, it seems to be 'not as good'. I know there are lovely patterns in it, but something is missing!..ha.ha. Perhaps another article from SIBOL. I have mailed them, to tell them about us again and that we are now on that famous site beginning with R------! :)
Lets see if they are kind enough to do another article!

You're like me, I go out and buy these magazines as soon as they are in the shops. Crochet Today is a really good one. I do get Let's Knit 'out today' also! They have crocheting in there.

Enjoy your blog, Hugs and many thanks for everything, squares comments, everything thank you!
Love Suex