Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More cards to show

My lovely card making course is now drawing to a close so I thought this would be a good time to show you a selection of the different cards that I've made.

From the top left in a clockwise direction we have:

1. Sunflower card - made using an embossing machine (a Cuttlebug)

2. Spirelli card - winding thread round pre-cut card

3. Cat card - stamp embossing

4. Thank you card - done with the Iris folding technique

5. Recycled paper card - made with paper punches

6. Black & white card - embossed and then lightly inked to show the image

7. Paper pricking card - hand paper pricked and spirelli added to the centre

8. Candle card - candles embossed on to card and cut out


9. Tulip card - made with a sticky outline which is then painted with watered down inks and mounted

I've really enjoyed doing some paper craft for a change, it's so nice to do something different from crochet and sewing occasionally and I'll definitely be giving some of the techniques another go in any future cards I make. The other half of the course is about how to run your own small business which is giving me lots of grand ideas - perhaps 2011 will be the year I give that a go?


Lyn said...

They look lovely, good luck with your future ambitions!

Chie said...

Your cards are so pretty! I also saw the gift crochet from your sister and your sewing projects - very nice! :)
I have been super busy with my work and I'm also homeschooling my son this year so I'm pretty much stuck in the house everyday and I don't have as much time as I want to enjoy crochet/knitting anymore, which is very frustrating. :( I miss my past life when I enjoyed crocheting with friends. Ok - whining is over! :D