Sunday, January 23, 2011

Loving hearts

After trying diligently to get through some of my more tricky UFOs I've succumbed to doing some fun crochet as I'm rubbish at working through projects when the going starts to get tough.

What tempted me away was a free pattern by June Gilbank called 'Love Hearts' which gives you detailed instructions for how to make these very cute hearts.

On the left are the three different sizes worked in crochet thread - they are so tiny and very cute... I used them on my husband's date-a-versary card and they look so good I may have a go at doing some more in thread.

Seeing as the thread hearts only took an hour to hook up I thought I would try making some with my DK wool, and this time I went with making the puffy hearts. They look so cute and squishy with a little stuffing in and I got pretty carried away with using up scraps of DK wool that after a couple of evenings of crochet I found I had made this pretty garland!

This is a lovely quick and easy pattern and makes some really lovely heart motifs. What would you use them for?


Mrs Twins said...

I do love quick and easy patterns! your heart garland is lovely and so are you cards.
Now have you seen 'Crochet Today?' lots of heart projects in there.
love Suex

manda's challenges :) said...

They're fabulous my lovely, i'd applique the small ones onto suares maybe and the puffy ones are just perfect for garlands xxx must have a lookie at that mgazine Sue has mentioned xx

- said...

Very sweet. You could put them on some cards, make a brooch...lots of ideas come to mind.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

These look great, Davina will really like the thank you card you made with them. Something she can't make herself! Sx

Laura said...

I love those tiny hearts! I think using them for a card is a very good idea. That's probably what I'd use them for.

Lyn said...

I might have to have a go at some of these Jess, what with Valentines day coming up!