Thursday, January 13, 2011

Finishing off - continued

So far I seem to be doing quite well with my resolution to finish off some of my long forgotten projects. I've finally gotten round to putting the last touches on my patchwork - all that was needed was a lining adding and then it was done.

Did any of you manage to guess what it is?

Top marks for anyone out there shouting "it's a tea cosy!" go and make yourself a cuppa right now as a reward for your good sense.

For a girl who loves her tea as much as I do it seems crazy that I've never had one of these, so when we were given the option to try making one at my local mum's craft group I jumped at the chance. Now I just need to invite some friends round for tea and cake and show it off to the world.

I've also finished off some more squares for the SIBOL project which got sent out a few days ago. Sue who runs the project has already written a blog post about them (she is so very organised!) which you can find here. So much granny square goodness over there, even though I've just finished up a pile of squares it gets me itching to make a few more.

So now I'm off to sort through some more of my neglected projects, but perhaps I'll have a cup of tea first to get me in the mood...

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Mrs Twins said...

This is absolutely superb! I love the idea. I'm sure I commented before, perhaps not, cant remember now!
Love Suex